The Picking and the Snacking

Thursday, 9 April 2009

This morning, I have to have a small test (don’t worry, nothing serious) that meant fasting from midnight. It also means that I can not place a single drop of anything into my mouth until the test is complete – not even water.

As I’m usually gagging for my morning cup of tea before my eyelids have even fluttered open, this is a little difficult, but not as difficult as the time I had to hold onto a litre of water for 2 hours. I can still feel the physical agony and let’s just say the pelvic flaw muscles ‘aint what they used to be…

But what I’m trying to say here is that when you are required not to put even a lick of anything in your mouth for 3 or 4 waking hours… it’s not that it’s tough per se… it’s that it’s almost impossible.

I’m absolutely amazed at the automatic and highly subconscious raising of my hand to my mouth to put something in it. Even if it’s just a lick, a taste, a sample. It’s like I’m not even aware of it until I see the hand coming dangerously close to my mouth.

The great slug of water from my bedside table upon waking. The hot cup of tea I never remember downing soon after. The butter on my fingers from my kids toast, the yoghurt on the spoon after scraping it into the kids’ bowls, the dribble of juice left in Riley’s glass – all typically go into my mouth, and I had to quite literally stop, think and hold myself back.

This got me to thinking about the endless calories I am depositing at the entry to my gastrointestinal tract on a constant basis. A little here, a little there, a little more again… Hmm. I’ve got to seriously factor this gastro-discovery into my regular diet. That is, after I tear apart a hot cross bun post-test at around 9.27 this morning (I wonder if I can do it while I'm having my blood test). Oh, and a lattè.

But after that, I'm going to think more consciously. And I also encourage you – say no to sampling!


posiepatchwork said...

Hi Tania, i did the same thing last week - had to hold onto water for ultraound (lady issues) & was in tears come 9.59a.m. for my 10a.m. examination as i just couldn't hold on. i begged the reception to let me use the bathroom with little phrases of '4 children . . . can't hold on . . . freezing air conditioning . . . torture' & it was flash back to pregnancies. THEN the blood test i had to fast for, goodness, so hard to not lick your fingers while putting 4 lunches together/ finishing off juice/ chopped fruit/ cereal - goodness, i am an insinkerator!! i feel your pain!! to be honest, took me about 5 attempts to make good with fasting before i was eligible for the test as some mornings i just couldn't do it. i don't drink tea or coffee, so can only imagine that torture!! love Posie

smileybella said...

tee hee! I was so bad with the wee thing, I took one look at the receptionist and said "unless you want this on your carpet, I have to let the top quarter go". She pointed me in the direction of the bathroom. My next task was stopping at only one quarter!!!

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