Sugar Puss

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

After chatting with Michelle Williams of Poppy Bean and Bloss for my Women Who Do What They Love series, I was inspired by the gorgeous title of her business. When I first heard it, I knew straight away it was a collective of nicknames for her children, and this got me to thinking about the affectionate names we call our kids.

Over the years, I have been known to call my kids an exhaustive catalogue of pseudonyms and derivities thereof…

Sugar Puss
Mousey Mouse
Love Bug
Hunny Bunny
Mr Hunny Bunny
Monkey Monk
Mr Blister
Ella Bella
Ella Bella Boo
Ellie Bellie
Riles Piles
Riley Piley
Riles Piles Puddin ‘n’ Pie
Toots McFloots

...and many many more...

What affectionate names do you call your kids?


bugmum said...

Olivia was Little Bug, Buglet, Little Monkey, Little Moo, Monkey Moo, Livvy Loo, and Missy Moo.

Sophia is Fia, FiFi, Little Poss, Bubba Gump and Sweetie Boo (the last is her big sister's name for her)...

Lord knows how they know what their given names are with all those monikers being tossed around...

moggies said...

Well....Christopher is Quiddy of course.....Christopher, Mr Christopher, Mr Quiddibar, Quiddy....a perfectly natural progression I think. I dont know how many times I have had to explain that one. Scarlett is Rosie Girl, even to her brother. This brings to mind a friend whose daughter was hysterical at kinder when they tried to tell her that her name was not Chelsea Welsea but Chelsea Mathews.....:)

Sharnel said...

Ok I've got a few. Monkey Bum, Monkey Face, Mr Blister, Rats, Missy Moo Moo Cow and a half and a dirty Giraffe!!!, Big Man, Little Man, Presh, Preshie, Prince.
I think I'm mental!!

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