Tiny Things

Saturday, 18 April 2009

What is it about tiny things? About little things, about wee things and teensy things?

Is it because they can fit so snug into the centre of the palm, or onto the shiny surface of a fingernail?

Does their charm lie in their delicacy?

Whatever it is, there is something about laying flat on your belly with your kids and arranging teensy things.

Do you know how teensy this food from Japan is? Seriously teensy. And totally irresistable. It's so small, it hurts your fingers to pick it up. But it's worth it.

And what about this phenomenal Halloween candy? It's Silvanian - from Japan.

Ditto this other weensy candy. And the toys, too.

And doesn't this faux chocolate chess set just make you swoon? Can you see they are teensy Alice in Wonderland characters? Also from Japan.

Do you remember these little knitted dolls from your girlhood? Grannies and great aunts used to make them. I was beside myself to find one in China. The little Mary Mary Quite Contrary used to live in a wee tin with a tiny lamb, long since lost. But that is the danger with tiny things... they need extra special care.

Little Japanese boxes for storing tiny things...

And a little family from China, who can fit in the palm of your hand and feel right at home there. These were made by minority women.

This gorgeous wee creation was made by my daughter when she was three. It's lost a little eye, but isn't that part of its charm?

And look at this little Japanese coin purse... Could you not dip it in tea and nibble it?

And this teensy dollie from Mongolia... so adorable, your heart patters and skips.

These sweet little harvest critters are made from chirimen fabric in Kyoto and the purse is also Japanese, purchased in China.

And who can resist a darling Japanese lucky cat? Every little girl should have one of these.

And the sweetest of all - simple, delicious, whimsical little eggs from a skanky old Chinese market. Could anything be more darling?

What teensy treasure do you have in the palm of your hand?

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