Japan: Tokyo: Times Square and Tsukiji

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Our second full day in Tokyo was mind-boggling. Our dear friend Megumi took us on a power walk that almost shredded my feet but we saw much much oh much. And how divine it all was.

We started by taking the subway to Shinjuku Station, just to look at it, then meandered to Times Square to see the wondrous Takashimaya Department Store, where we had...

...a very very very very veeerrrrrrry expensive coffee and pastry at La Patisserie. Had to be done.

Do NOT miss Kinokuniya bookstore at Times Square, as well as a massive Tokyu Hands (7 levels of heaven).

After spending six months' wages and piling Husband up to the nines with packages, we took the subway to see the freshest fish alive (or dead) in the Tsukiji district. The fish this man was eating was still flapping...

Of course, the fish markets had finished trade hours and hours ago (one must wake at 4am), so we instead comforted ourselves with eating all their hard fishing work.

This was quite possibly the ultimate eating experience for me, like - ever. Sashimi so soft and fresh, it melted on the tongue like marshmallow. The mirin in the rice was so faint, so tangy, the rice still barest hintingly warm. The green tea searingly flavoursome. Don't even start me on the miso. My eyes are rolling into the back of my head.

A short stroll around Tsukiji to work off the miniscule amount of carolies we ingested.

Taking a stroll from Tsujiki to Ginza, we passed the renowned Kabuki-za theatre.

Then caught a doilied, be-gloved taxi because we bought so many Moon Festival (Tsukimi) cakes in Ginza, we couldn't lift our arms. Stay tuned for THAT gastronomic experience...

Just because I know you are drooling (possibly from the sashimi, but more probably from the lure of Tokyo shopping), here is a great guide to Tokyo shopping... Tokyo Essentials.

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the projectivist said...

can you imagine an australian man with those lacy car seat covers?
hee hee hee!

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