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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Created during World War I, these delicious cookies were created without eggs - to stop them spoiling on their long journey to the Aussie troops overseas.

The delicious thing about ANZAC biscuits - beyond tradition - is that there are so many ways you can make them - yet the ingredients remain virtually the same. Each batch I've made (and there's been many) has been a little different.

It all depends on what you mix into it, I'm sure. Sadness, whimsy, joy, happy memories, giggles. Also depends on the time you bake them - dark brown for snap-crisp, barely golden for chewy.

Whichever way you bake them, they are totally moreish and totally delicious and a timely reminder of the service men and women who have fought to keep our country free.

The kids made this year's batch almost all on their own. My, they're growing up.

1 cup plain (all purpose) flour
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup desiccated cocunut
125g butter, melted
1 tablespoon golden syrup (dark corn syrup or treacle)
2 tablespoons boiling water
1 teaspoon bicarb soda

Combine dry ingredients. Melt butter and syrup. Stir bicarb soda into boiling water, it will foam, add quickly to dry ingredients. Stir to combine. Roll into balls and place on lined trays, with space for spreading. Cook in a slow oven for 20 minutes - longer if you want them crisp.


the projectivist said...

lovely. well done kids!

becka said...

Yum! I love anzac biscuits!

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