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Monday, 4 May 2009

Look at this beautiful photo taken by the very talented Rebecca Vavic - in her third trimester.

I love pregnancy photos and I love the way Rebecca has treated us all to how she feels about May.

Often we think about seasons or holidays to inspire us, but I love the idea of thinking about the months - and Bek has inspired me to think about what May means to me. I've never really thought about May so intently before.

So here goes...
  • trees ablaze with colour

  • purple plums

  • warm tea on mother's day

  • fluffy faux fur rugs

  • tree twigs in vases

  • pumpkin soup and cheesey risotto

  • tossing scraps of bread to ducks on Lake Burley Griffin

  • antiquing in country towns

  • hot coffee and meatpies at the footy

  • pashminas and beanies

  • scrapbooking inside with winter tapping at the glass

  • thick snuggle socks

  • warm pancakes for breakfast, pikelets for afternoon tea

  • trips to the library and museum

  • chocolate biscuits

  • daytime movies

  • pink cheeks

  • warm afternoons and sunshine
I suppose those of you in the northern hemisphere will have a different view of May.

What is May to you?

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