Project TOTO

Thursday, 30 July 2009

I was very flattered to recently be approached by ActionAid Australia, asking if I would nominate myself to blog about one of their recent charity initiatives - Project TOTO.

The anti-poverty organization, who have operations in over 40 countries across Asia, Africa and the Americas, is on the hunt to find 10 Australian bloggers to send to developing countries to establish 'blog outposts', the first of which was established in Tanzania last month.

The project hopes to shine a light on the causes of poverty by training locals to use social media tools such as Twitter and blogs, as well as supplying technical equipment, such as cameras and laptops - an iniative that will, at the same time, bring the plight of these people to the very doorstep of the West.

Want to experience the trip of a lifetime and help those in need? Don't miss this amazing opportunity to nominate yourself or someone you know. Click here now to find out more.

You can also donate much-needed funds to ActionAid at

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