Asian French Modern Fusion

Saturday, 1 August 2009

It was interesting talking to a girlfriend about decorating styles the other day. In today's world, home décor is so eclectic - a mixture of many styles and origins and influences. A fusion.

Entry to living room

To me, fusion epitomises style. Being able to rely on your instinct and put together what works for you - a collection of pieces from life. From travels, from gifts, from experience... a collection of treasures and memories.

My work space

I'm no interior designer but I love to decorate. I don't shop for the latest trend. Our house is a true blend of our 'past lives' and pieces I love, no matter where they were found or how much they cost.

Formal lounge

Our décor is now particularly coloured by Asian influences. We brought home a lot of Chinese pieces from Beijing, especially art, and it's been fun adding it to our collection of French, Deco, modern and minimalistic pieces.

Living room

I'm not sure what style our house is - perhaps it's Our Style. But what I love most about home decorating is that our tastes and loves change over the years. I already feel a pull to change things up again. Nordic simplicity and folk influences are calling me.

Dining room

La cuisine

Very soon we may have an Asian French Deco Modern Nordic Folk house.

Main bedroom

What style is your home?

See Riley's bedroom here and Ella's bedroom here.


Tiny Concept said...

Your house is just devine - you are definately not seeing my house now! I love all the artworks, and personal touches that make it so special - love it!

smileybella said...

Are you kidding - Tina, YOU are the divine decorator!!! Wanna see it all!

Market Girl said...

Just beautiful, love it all.

Anonymous said...

lovely little peek - did you get a new sofa? YOUR HOUSE IS SO CLEAN!!! My house is a wreck right now! Fabrics, needles, sewing machine out, paper, scissor, glue, ribbons, punches, stamp pads - A MESS!!!!!! All the new school supplies are sitting in bags (loads!!) waiting for the big day - A MESS!!! TB

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