What 5 Ingredients Could I Find in Your Shopping Trolley?

Monday, 24 August 2009

Don't you just love those little Q&As in foodie mags, where chefs or celebrities are asked what could be found in their shopping basket?

Well, I am asking YOU! Leave a comment and tell me what you always leave the market with.

For me, it's always:
  • fresh herbs
  • natural Greek yoghurt
  • tinned Italian tomatoes
  • fresh fruit, in season
  • something we've never tried before

And sorry - I also have to mention chocolate.


Tiny Concept said...

My five include;
1.Italian bread sticks(they are usually half eaten by the kids before I have gotten to the car!)
2.Cannellini beans - for our Sunday 'Special Beans' breakfast
3.Freash stuffed olive mix
4. Milk - I go through over 12 litres a week!
5. A magazine - not really food but I can't go past this isle without putting at least one in the trolley!

smileybella said...

Ooh, ooh - Tina, I forgot the magazines, too!

Mum-me said...

With six always-hungry children I am afraid my list is pretty boring ....
1) 3 loaves bread
2) 4 3L milk
3) fresh fruit
4) shaved ham
5) yogurt

Anonymous said...

too funny -
fresh strawberries
cinnamon bread


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