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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hooray! What a fabulous government initiative! Have you heard of this?

Yes, that's right, my fellow toilet-lauders. Why didn't they have this in my day (back in the days when things were black and white, according to my daughter)? Back in the days when my mum would have to schlepp us around seedy establishments in search of a hole in the ground to deposit all manner of leaking kiddie secretions.

Ok, I'll admit it, I've been known to nip into a smoky pub with a busting five-year-old. I've also stood begging at restaurants and hair dressing salons with a pink-faced baby. And yes, yes, yes, we've used a tree or a bush or a shady patch of lawn, in a pinch.

But now - there's no need for such shenanigans any more! Our public outings will never be quelled! for now we have it all mapped out. We can plan our trips in advance and we can even save our fave loos to our own 'My Toilets' account! What more could you need??

This system is especially great for travelling - the site also has a special trip planner that will give you a list of loos along the way! I can plug in my own address and my mother-in-laws address in Melbourne and discover every single wee spot along the way! You can even click on the toilet icons on your resulting map and get a map at close up range. Cool!

We can even use our mobile phones (access www.toiletmap.gov.au/mobile) and type in our current location, for goodness sake - and up pops an impressive array of local toilet choice.

Oh, I'm in heaven over this, and I know other pram-pushers will be, too.


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