Trenery (Country Road) $100 Giveaway WINNER!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Big congrats to Sharnanigans - you have won the $100 Trenery voucher, for your fab answer (below).

I hope you are peeping with glee and will hotfoot it into a brand new Trenery store to claim your prize.

I'm green!

On the slippery dip to middle age
One must not fall victim to fashion
Trying to look younger than your years
Is a sure fire recipe you'll come crashin'
The key is keeping it simple and classy
With minimal boob and minimal arsey
Be modest, let your natural beauty shine
Now hand me that Country Road Voucher - 'tis mine!

Click here for my post on Trenery or head to "...Everyday luxury where, often, less is more..."

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