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Friday, 1 January 2010

The book has such wonderful illustrations, the colours are superb. I've loved the story and I'm sure any child who's lucky enough to get this book will treasure it forever. - Mary Connor, Northern Ireland

The story is well written and the language used is clear and articulate and appropriate to a young age group. The layout is easy to follow with large lettering and plenty of balance between type and illustration. - Louise Baker, Buzz Words industry newsletter

[McCartney's books] place emphasis on the stylish black and white photos of scenes from life in modern day Beijing and Hong Kong. The [photos] give a human interest rather than a tourist vision of the countries. The illustrations that hold the photos together have an appealing comic style about them, with each story being a sub text that joins with the photos and illustrations to offer a quite satisfying and surprising ending. The books could well begin discussion about the culture of China. - John Cohen, editor and publisher of Reading Time, the Children's Book Council of Australia

The [books] are brilliant! The words are beautiful, the pictures are stunning... I love them! I love that they inspire excitement about travel, which I've never seen another children's book do. My 17 months old loves the pictures and the sound of the words. I stopped reading aloud at a few points, just reading ahead to myself, and she looked at me with annoyance until I started saying the words again. And if my arm happened to cover part of a picture, she'd push it away - she's finding the pictures intriguing! - Megan Blandford, mum and blogger

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