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Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's a superb book and a brilliant series concept - can think of a least a dozen kids I'd love to give it to who'd get so much from it. - author Jackie French

Like its predecessors, this new Riley book is filled with stunning photographs and bright, vibrant illustrations, that just work so well together. As always the text is lively and full of interesting words that little ears soak up into growing vocabularies (and when you see more of McCartney's work, you'll come to know that this is one of her trademarks). - writer Megan Blandford

Riley and the Curious Koala would make an excellent choice as a gift for a child who lives in another country, especially one who's about to visit Australia. It introduces kids to the sights of Sydney and to many native Australian, as well as exotic animals. This also makes it a good choice for schools doing units on Australia. - The Book Chook

Tania McCartney has written this story well, she uses fun descriptions and encourages thinking. I love the illustrations by Kieron Pratt, they are gorgeous and dare I say ready for their own TV show! A great effect, highly appealing visually and the story is a delight. - Angela Hall, Bug in a Book

McCartney's imaginative text complements her exceptional black-and-white photography of Sydney at its finest. Children will find it hilarious that throughout Riley's journey, the koala is climbing and snorkelling and getting into all kinds of adventures but Riley fails to spot him. Pratt's brightly coloured illustrations inject movement and draw the eye across the page. From the embossed cover to the illustrated endpapers, Riley and the Curious Koala is beautifully presented and would make a wonderful gift.- Vicki Stanton, Buzz Words

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