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Monday, 26 April 2010

Really great fun to revamp Kids Book Review this weekend - it's looking fab - nip on over and take a look. We have some amazing new interviews with authors like Meg Cabot, Roland Harvey, Lee Fox and Jackie French, plus loads of sensational book reviews, news and an incredible list of author and illustrator websites.

I'm also absolutely thrilled to announce that I've joined forces with talented writer Megan Blandford of Writing Out Loud - not only has she joined KBR, she's also working busily with me on a brand new project, which I'm super excited about... I'll reveal all when things get into presentable shape! Very exciting.

Also thrilled to welcome Sarah Pietrzak of popular blog Ah, the Possibilities! to Kids Book Review. Sarah is a fabulous writer who is adding yet another glorious dimension to the site, with her book reviews.

Hope to see you over there! We also have a new facebook fan page and twitter page you can follow. If you love kids' books, you won't want to stay away!

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