illustrator kieron entrances the kids at curious koala launch

Sunday, 21 November 2010 could hear a pin drop!

Well, honestly? I've never heard 50 kids so quiet. My gorgeous Riley book illustrator Kieron Pratt had the children at the Riley and the Curious Koala launch at Dalton's absolutely entranced when he took to the drawing pad for some live creations during the launch party today in Canberra.

First he did Koala. Then Riley. Then Panda. Then Dragon. Then Lion! The kids LOVED it and several very lucky fans took away some stunning, original artwork for their walls.


Our Ella was devastated she missed out, so Kieron most kindly rendered a Panda for her (which we will frame!) and our neighbour Brandon was really lucky to snaffle a Riley drawing, too.

Thanks Kieron for being so utterly talented... and such a nice guy.


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