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Friday, 25 February 2011

A friend recently wrote about her Top 10 Writer Crushes - and it was so enlightening and wonderful to see who has inspired this prolific reader and literary-lover. And so, here is my top 10 writer crush list. Yes yes, I want to be ALL of these people.
Lauren Child - do we really need a reason?

AA Gill -
writer, reviewer, critic and witty, satirical word master - he just puts words together like no one can; have had a major mag crush on him and about to read my first AA book

Emily Gravett -
just all-round talent - visually, creatively - her children's books are unique, evocative, simple, clever, packed with emotion and visual lustre... they even smell nice

Dr Seuss -
there was, and will never be, anyone like Theodore Geisel

Nigella Lawson -
I know she's not strictly a writer, she is an author, and this talented woman's prose-like vernacular isn't limited to her cooking shows... it drips from her cookbooks like great hulking orbs of creamy delight... I read her recipes just to hear her literary voice

Bill Bryson -
this man just astounds me; from his travel books to his biographies and incredible recent release At Home, I sit in awe at his research abilities, his writing style, his clarity, foresight and mostly - his passion for such fascinating work

William Shakespeare -
do I need a reason? and I ask thee this: who's list would he NOT be on? I know Shakespeare seems a given for any writer-crush-list, but honestly - the reasons are superfluous... from his ability to enrapture, horrify, enthrall, woo and assault, the Bard's exquisite and evocative prose is only the icing on the cake to the richest g√Ęteau of masterful storytelling; put it this way - I wept by the church on the River Avon, over Willy

Oliver Jeffers -
this Belfast-native is such an unlikely lad - a cute, skinny alternative dude who just happens to have beauty and honesty and emotion and exquisite pictures pouring and stories out of him

Jackie French -
this astonishing all-rounder - who writes in so many genres from history to children to gardening - is not only super talented and prolific, she's a really lovely person whose brain is simply busting with such an enriching and mind-boggling encyclopedia of knowledge; I would dive into her brain if she'd only let me

And of course -
Enid Blyton - my serious, long-standing, childhood crush whose books still never fail to enchant and delight me

And because I can't resist, I also need to mention CS Lewis, Morris Gleitzman, Marcel Pagnol, Oscar Wilde, Mo Willems, Khalil Gibran, Lewis Carroll, Aesop, Paulo Coelho, Herman Hesse, Tim Winton, Victor Hugo, Roald Dahl - who all belong in the above list, too. There's no need to know the reasons why... they speak for themselves, do they not?

Who are your writer crushes?
- for her childlike wonder and perfect encapsulation of children; her Charlie and Lola books (among others) epitomise my love of writing from the heart, with a totally unique voice - one that doesn't conform to formula; also love her images, for the same reason

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Dani said...

Hey what about Chopper Read? Only have just about covered it for me. Toni Morrison, Louisa May Alcott, Colleen McCullough, Bryce Courtney and about 20 I will remember after I hit "post comment". Oh that Tania McCartney chick is not bad either.....

Stephenie Meyer gets a special mention as well as JK Rawling but don't tell anyone I said so ;)

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