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Thursday, 24 February 2011

When we were in Christchurch recently (yes, we were there just a few weeks before this terribly tragedy occurred), we visited the most charming Farmer's Market at Riccarton Bush. It reminded me of the fabulous market at McLaren Vale in South Australia - and it also reminded me how much I miss the opportunity to a) buy local, b) buy organic and super-fresh, and c) support our farmers and local growers.

We've only been in Canberra a little over two years, but most of that has been spent with my nose pressed against a computer screen, so it hadn't even occurred to me to seek out an authentic farmer's market. Yes, we have fresh food markets, but I want the 'real deal'.

After putting out a call on facebook (good old facebook), the lovely Bec hooked me up with Everyday Eco in the ACT who did a wonderful post on the sensational markets around the Canberra region. Hello!? Where have I been!?

Southside Markets at CIT
Capital Region Farmers Markets at EPIC
ANU Food Co-op
Queanbeyan Cottage Markets
Yass Farmers Market
Bungendore, Braidwood, Captains Flat, Hall and Wamboin markets

Also see Kings Highway to Discovery and Capital Region Farmers Market

According to Everyday Eco, this is why you should buy from Farmer's Markets:

* support local producers and businesses

* fresh (organic) food is better for you, and tastes far better, it also keeps for longer when you get it home

* buy in season produce (less chemicals and energy used to artifically 'ripen' foods, and less transport from other areas)

* less 'food miles'

* less carbon emissions from round-the-clock lights, storage, refrigeration, etc. of supermarkets

* less packaging (a must to BYO shopping bags, trolley bag, or backpacks)

* profits to the people who grow it

* increasing number of biodynamic, organic and chemical free producers

* save money (buy in season, eat lots of veggies and fruit, little bit of meat and dairy)

* range of eco-aware and ethically-minded produce (splurge on these, knowing you are paying the true cost of food)

For tips and advice and on shopping at the markets, check out Everyday Eco in the ACT. They also have priceless information on living a more eco life in the capital.

Love it!


dixiebelle said...

Thanks Tania! I find it exciting to visit the farmers markets, getting a little rush of adrenaline on the way there, feeling at home amongst the fresh produce, and loving that satisfaction of hauling home all those (reuseable) bags full of vege's, eggs, fruit and goodies to turn into meals for my family. Sure, relaxing with a real chai in all that organic 'atmosphere' is worth it too!

Tania McCartney said...

I share that adrenaline rush, dixiebelle! Miss it miss it! See you there... x

Em Callaghan said...

My weekly trip to the Capital Region Farmers Market is such a heavenly escape. Nothing better than surrounding yourself at sunrise with gorgeous produce, fresh air, GREAT coffee and like minded people. There's always a fantastic atmosphere. I now resent the rare occasions that I have to buy my produce at the supermarkets...they simply can't compare.

Tania McCartney said...

Couldn't agree more, Em! The supermarket is so depressing and I so resent giving them my dollar... their produce just don't seem worth it.

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