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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Well, what did you think? Of The Wedding, I mean. Did you watch? Did you celebrate? Did you go all out or skip it altogether?

Not being a 'royalist', I was surprised at how the romance of the day took over... I scoured the arriving guests ravenously for any eye-boggling fashion statements (alas, there weren't many), sat with baited breath as William left Clarence House, remained unblinking as Kate scurried from the Goring Hotel into her car and wiped away a tear as vows exchanged and smooches pinged on the balcony.

Even Ella and her sleepover friend got into the spirit, especially when it came to the cucumber sandwiches, rosy biscuits and liquorice allsorts on offer!

While some of us may not share in the hype, the pomp and sheer extravagance of events like a major royal wedding, it feels good to open our hearts to the special Life Moments of others. I wish Kate and William every success on their journey ahead. Sure, they may live a glamorous life but it's also going to be a life fraught with scrutiny and hard work.

Me - I'm happy to forego the horse-drawn carriages for my walking shoes and palace living for our gorgeous house and sumptuous banquets for a cake stand of goodies and a glass of bubbles. But the happiest of lives is surely lived when you can look upon the good fortune of others and raise your glass without a trace of envy nor regret.

Here's cheers to William and Kate.


Patti S said...

I woke the kids at 5:30 for the festivities. I was up at 4:30. They had to go to school at 8 am.

I was happy to see it. I'm not a real royal watcher, but I like Kate, and I love how they are more modern as a couple.

Her dress reminds me so much of my mother's dress. She was beautiful, Wills was regal, and I loved the devil in Harry's eye. Something tells me if I was young again, he'd be the one I would watch over Wills.

Tiaras said...

look what a FUN mom you are! (shh - I didn't watch a bit of it)

Tania McCartney said...

T - did you like her dress!??

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