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Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's raining, it's cold, I'm tired after a major round of writing and I'm feeling a little blue. I made ANZAC biscuits and macarons to cheer me but I'm still not quite there. What I need is a good book.

I so love it when you find a book that enthralls you - that is impossible to put down. Right now, for me, it's the new Jackie French book - Nanberry. I literally run to get back to it. Scamper. Across the floor. And sink into the cushions or the bed or even on the treadmill, just so I can reimmerse myself in the story.

My son Riley has become immersed in the 39 Clues and when he's reading, I can't shake him from his reverie. That is what books are for. What are you reading that is taking you away to another place?

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Dani said...

Just finished Gordon Ramsays autobiography. A cracking read. Don't you hate it when some books are just not long enough?

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