london burning

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sometimes I stand in awe at the fortune of my children. At the fortune of our small life as a family here in Canberra. I give silent thanks for it as I watch incredulous scenes unfold in London, but I also stand proud. Proud that I was raised by parents who fostered peace and acceptance. Who believed in the human race not the division of race. Who believed in living the best life we can - embracing life, appreciating beauty, working hard and remaining focused, opening our arms to others, not fostering hatred, violence and segregation.

I also feel proud to be actively teaching my children that life can be so incredibly beautiful. That everyone has the right to peace, safety and love. That everyone has the same coloured heart and the same needs and that we must get on with our lives, live good lives, and live those lives with acceptance, tolerance and thanks.

It weighs heavily on my heart that not all children have this luxury. There are many children who are consistently fed a diet of hatred and revenge, and many more will be born into this kind of life. Whilst there's not much I can personally do about that, what I can do is continue to pour my love into my own children, and the children I know and hopefully, just hopefully, that love, peace and acceptance will impact the life, somewhere, of a child who isn't as fortunate as my own.

Right now, there is a call to arms in London - a call for brooms. The people have had enough. They want to clean up and move on with their lives - and this small action has made me once again feel proud, encouraged and heartened by the good in people.

I'm holding my broom for you, London.

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