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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Just love what the talented (and word-obsessed) Jackie Small does with My Little Bookcase - she always does the most creative and informative posts. Here is one she did contacting authors - featuring a pic and write up about my association with her. I think it's a lovely idea and most authors would agree.


Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing.I'm SO happy that you like the post.
Sorry I didn't use a pic with your face shown more clearly but I just loved this one with the kids' faces. You have them so engrossed.
What has been your favourite 'fan' moment as an author?

Tania McCartney said...

I have a few favourite 'fan' moments - the time a little 5 yo just had to come up and tell me how much he loves the Riley books. The time a young lad made an enormous Riley plane to wear to book week. The time a kindergartener wrote his own version of the Riley books the day after my visit... The examples go on and on. It's a joy to see kids become engrossed in books or inspired to read or write... and this is why I write.

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