my ultimate christmas wishlist

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Inspired by the gorgeous Jennie McClelland of Posie Patchwork fame, who has the best taste in everything, here is a peek at my ultimate Christmas wishlist - no money, size nor weight restrictions.

Le Creuset set in French blue or red

a Chrysler PT Cruiser

natural hemp rug from State of Green

Midi Dress / Diamond Maxi Dress, Trenery

a Dutch-style bicycle in red or white

a week at the Plaza Athénée in Paris

the entire Jo Malone collection

a backyard orchard

basic human rights for every person (and animal, for that matter)

a graphic design studio

Tiffany platinum grossularite and diamond drop earrings

SK-II skincare collection

some new shelving for an unlimited supply of vintage children's books 

a cutting garden of white hydrangeas

my own magazine

a rotating compost bin

every Jacques Tati film

some more time with my mother

This was fun! Fantastical... but fun. What would be on your ultimate Christmas wishlist?


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh wowzers, i love it all, especially that you're not fussy if it's a red or white Dutch style bike, giggles!! I want an awesome studio too, one where my children are inspired to be creative or do homework with me. Love Posie

Emma Davidson said...

Love your list. Love that human rights and time with your mother and holiday time made it on there!

I came over here to see if there was news on your next book. Billy asked me this morning when he can read "Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo". I was amazed he remembered what your next book will even be, he's only 4 and he's probably only heard me mention it twice!

ninaribena said...

Yummy list... I've had my eyes firmly fastened on a red Chrysler Cruiser. I wish I wish I wish.

Mostly I'm wishing to have my new bathroom and bedroom done by Christmas, they'll be so purdy.

I hope you get everything you wished for, xx

Tania McCartney said...

I love the red, too, Nina! Would love to see YOUR list . . . and my fingers crossed for le petit reno - can't wait to see! x

tiarastantrums said...

oh I adore the bike - I have a lavender one in China and sadly, had to leave it - I miss it dearly - they cost a whopping $400-$500 here in the states!

I want a new camera!!!

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