seed candy

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Oh so big on retro, vintage, whimsical candy and books and trinkets - I was in heavenly heaven when visiting Seed this weekend at the Canberra Centre. They've launched their new lolly range, you see - and oh my - it's a treat.

They even stash your goodies in this divine candy-stripe box (above). Delish doubled over.

I snaffled some large chocolate freckles, some chocolate sardines (too kitsch!) and who can live without rock candy in retro jars? Just gorgeous.

I also couldn't resist this hilarious kids' book - That's Dangerous! - and one of those adorable flip books that Ella will adore colouring in.

Sigh. A beautiful Christmas is made of these. Off to stash them in the Santa stockings!

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