#illo52weeks - week 1: eggs

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Week one - eggs.

I painted this with watercolours during our Christmas holiday to the Gold Coast. I haven't touched watercolours for years, so it was challenging and I would have liked to redo it, but I thought I'd share my first attempt.

I can't even tell you how utterly relaxing it was to paint this! I loved every minute.

Like to get creative? Join in my 52-week illustration challenge! Just hashtag #illo52weeks! You don't need to be an artist to join in. See the full challenge list right here.


Lu said...

great work! very contemplative looking..were you very calm when you were painting it?

Tania McCartney said...

Thanks, Lu! Yes, I was calm--I was on holidays! :)

Kayleen West said...

Every artist has a beginning. The only way is to start. What better way to begin than with an egg - right?

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