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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Every year, my Christmas decorating becomes more and more simple . . . in fact, I relish adding the merest lick of shimmer and Scandi-inspired pop of red and + white into the year-long mix of greenery in our house. Not only is it stress-free, it just looks fresh and pretty and light.

I've used a small handful of gold metal ornaments this year. After dragging in a large, bare branch from the garden and upending it in a large pot, I wondered how it might look snaked in fairy lights. I then added white paper ornaments from Kikki-K and these little gold ornament treasures which include a fire engine and a rocking horse.

I'm slowly adding to my collecting of mercury glass ornaments, and have added these to our little table-top feather tree. We have a monster faux pine in our garage, hidden away. It's become a fine home for spiders these past three or four years but that's not why we're neglecting it ... it just seems so HEAVY and 'too much'. So, we're sticking with the feather tree which provides a light little signpost atop its perch in our living room.

I've also taken to using gift bags rather than wrapping paper, as much as possible, and this type of recycling is not only kind to our wallets and the environment, it makes cleaning up, post-present-ripping, a breeze. I'm already smiling at how easy it's going to be!

So, herewith a peek at our house this Festive Season. A little earlier than usual this year, but I'm glad of it. I so love flicking on the fairy lights and seeing everything glow.

Closer to Christmas, I'll be lighting the candles on our spinning balsa wood creations. They are an absolute joy to behold--and count among my favourite Christmas treasures, especially the multi-tiered house (from Dusk, but wait till I've finished in there before going and snaffling them all, please!).

Enjoy this peek . . .

(PS: many of the orchids are faux . . . I made them from a downloadable and printable orchid flower template, and attached them the bare orchid stems while I await new blooms!)

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