One Word Wisdom with author Hazel Edwards

Friday, 20 November 2015

Just delighted to welcome Hazel Edwards to my blog to answer my One Word Wisdom challenge, and to show you her new memoir, Not Just a Piece of Cake, which is packed with humorous anecdotes and plenty of insider info and priceless advice from decades of industry experience. 

Typical writer—she simply could not stick to one word per answer, but I’ll allow this because she’s so utterly fabulous (and I also know how hard that is).

1. What is the best thing about being an author?

2. What’s the worst thing?

3. How did writing Not Just a Piece of Cake make you feel?

4. What do you hope it brings its readers?
Realistic creativity.

5. Name your greatest writing achievement.
Mentoring my 'hazelnuts'.
f2m;the boy within
Astrid Lindgren nominations.
OAM for Literature.

6. Who has influenced your writing the most?

7. What has been your biggest career reward?
Poignant fan mail.

8. What's the most important contribution an author can make to the world?

9. What’s your biggest writing goal?
Collaborating on significant projects.

10. What’s next?
Hijabi Girl junior chapter book.

Head to Hazel's website for more about her work, and to purchase your copy of Not Just a Piece of Cake.

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hazel said...

Thanks ( That is one word Tania!)

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