Dior exhibition

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

my H&M skirt! seriously!

Weekend before last, I headed to Melbourne for the launch of Merry Everything! (you can see the wrap-up here). It was an action-packed long weekend, catching up with beautiful people, and one of the absolute highlights (along with The Book of Mormon) was the Dior Exhibition at the NGV.

I promised a peek at my pics, so here they are. I also mentioned in my launch wrap-up post that I'd bought a skirt from H&M half an hour before seeing the Dior line-up--and was shocked to see an almost identical skirt in a Dior dress (and I'd thought 'how Dior!' when I bought the skirt). You'll see it in the image above.

My new publisher, Lisa Berryman from HarperCollins, was also seeing the exhibition that morning with a friend, so we met for coffee afterwards. We both marvelled at the gum nut head gear on one of the mannequins (see if you can spot it below), especially as we're working on a book on May Gibbs!

Enjoy this sartorial lust-fest. I'm still swooning.

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