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Monday, 2 October 2017

It was so nice to be 'home' in Melbourne this past weekend. I really, really miss this beautiful city, and although our trip was a whirlwind, it was enriching and so very special, filled with fabulous experiences and people.

We arrived last Thursday, checked in to our superb little North Fitzroy apartment, and had dinner with the fam. Then Friday morning, I leapt on the tram for the city. Forgetting it was an AFL public holiday, I sat, bereft, outside H&M, awaiting its (late) opening, then barrelled inside and picked up a few scrumptious bits, including the the most 'Dior' fairy-floss-pink layered skirt (only one left, in my size!).

I then hightailed it to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Dior Exhibition. Gasp. Fast-forward through the following pics if this is not your thing, but how could it NOT be? It was just, just--no words. Absolutely brilliantly done, too, with creations spanning many decades, including many eye-popping vintage pieces. And it was a little bit freakish to see my pink H&M skirt at the exhibition!! (albeit in dress form, below). Stay tuned for a blog post with a billion eye-popping photos.

After gasping my way through the exhibit, I had a wonderful coffee and chat with my new publisher, Lisa Berryman, from HCP. Gosh, it's fun to talk shop and beautiful books and projects! She had also enjoyed the exhibition with a friend. Please go see it if you haven't already. It's worth it.

my H&M skirt! seriously!

It was also amazing to catch up with Dee White, Jen Storer and Lucinda Gifford that afternoon (I am now an official Melbourne tram trailblazer!), and I finished this fabulous Friday with a trip to the Princess Theatre with my M-I-L to see The Book of Mormon. Another round of gasping.

Okay... want more gasping. Here is our Merry launch!

Jess and I set up at The Little Bookroom in Nicholson Street Carlton. I've longed to visit this store for YEARS, and it's every bit as beautiful as I imagined. And the book selection... oh my. It's yet another  gasp moment. In fact, it was hard to focus on our launch guests, as my eyes kept wandering to the books. Like eye magnets.

We had bubbles and beautiful starry cupcakes by ridiculously talented photographer Penny Lane and candy canes and Santa hats. The littlies filed in and nibbled and coloured in.

Then Leesa Lambert from The Little Bookroom worked her magic with the kids, first putting Hugless Douglas to bed, then warming everyone up in her inimitable style.

The lovely Cristina Pase from Windy Hollow Books then said a few words, and it was into the reading!

When the story wrapped, Leesa brought out the jingle bells. Oh my goodness. It was SO much fun. Just check out the kids' faces--and Leesa was absolutely sensational. That girl has some voice!

After the jingling, we signed through a rather long line (not complaining!) and it was so fabulous to see so many guests in festive red.

This was just the most wonderful launch--the best way I can describe it is 'joyful' (and therefore uber Christmassy). The atmosphere, the carols, the festivities, the champagne! Thank you to everyone who came along for our Xmas-in-Sept shindig, and for embracing the fun so early in the year.

And thank you to our beautiful author and illustrator friends, and all the quackers from the Duck Pond, headed by Queen Duck Jen Storer, for fluffing up your festive feathers and making the event even more special.

Final thanks, again to Windy Hollow publisher Cristina Pase for making this book an absolute JOY to work on, and for coming along and speaking at the launch, and to Leesa Lambert, Leslie and Ian from The Little Bookroom. All I can say is, I want to move in.

And now, the social pages, sweetie darling.

me, Adam Wallace, Coral Vass

Cara King, Jen Storer, Sarah Epstein (my son Riley in back!)

Nicky Johnston, Lucinda Gifford, Jen Storer, Coral Vass, Sarah Epstein, Adam Wallace, Cara King

Duck Pond nutters

my duck soul sister

the two pixies, and divine friends--Nicky and Coral--responsible for all these fabulous photos

the three creative chicks who made Merry Everything! (along with Bianca the brilliant designer)


Emma Perry said...

Woohoo!! What a gorgeously sparkly festive launch.

Hugest congratulations to you and Jess - looks awesome.

One day. ONE day I'll make it to one of your launches!


DimbutNice said...

Feels like I was there! Congratulations never grows tired when there's a beautiful new picture book involved...and Santa Hats. Love it all, Dim xxx

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