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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

We all have our 'things', do we not? Those little things in life that make us sigh and curl up in delight, preferably with a cup of tea and the sound of some kind of chirping through an open window.

That's how I feel about book covers. Yes, the contents are also pretty special, but the covers. Sigh. They are everything, and yes yes--feel free to judge away, for in this world of easy-access, brilliant illustrators and designers from all walks of life and around the world, there is simply no excuse for a book with amateur illustrations, shoddy design and woeful typography.

In a fit of happy, I trawled Pinterest recently for book cover stunners, and although this line-up is long, it's a mere piccolo peep in an orchestral ensemble of beautiful works over the years.

These are books covers that are beautifully crafted, design-wise, clever, and even enchanting, but I'm aware they're covers that particularly enchant me. Yours might be different. Do you have a favourite you want to share?


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