maps in May at the state library of new south wales

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Magical, Marvellous, Magnificent Maps!
Sunday 27 May 2018
11am - 12pmState Library of New South Wales

Explore time through the marvelously magical and magnificent world of maps with children’s author/illustrator, Tania McCartney. Tania is positively, absolutely mad about maps, but then, who isn’t?

From the beginnings of time, when earth’s land was just one great big blob, to the way countries have formed and unformed and reformed again, little adventurers can make their own explorer hats, jump on a virtual ship, and come on this journey to uncover geological, floral and faunal treasure.

See how our Great Southern Land was once mapped—your eyes will boggle!—and which major part was completely missing. Learn who was first to complete an accurate cartographer’s map of our coastline, and how the land was once divided (there was once no Queensland!).

Through visual exploration, Tania will also show kids how her Australia: Illustrated Map was put together, from crafting the illustrations through to digital placement.

Children can then make their very own map, featuring plants, animals and markings of their own travels. Suitable for kids aged 4 – 12.  

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