School Holiday Fun: Bookorama

Thursday, 16 April 2009

We love books so much in our house, we have our noses pretty much glued inside them permanently. In fact, if you needed to find us, you’d just have to look inside a book. Sometimes there is not enough room on our bookshelves for books and we have to put them on the floor. It’s like a library but with books on the floor.

...very fast trains...

Speaking of libraries, it’s really good for kids to go to these, especially in the school holidays when book saturation may be at an all time low. You can find many wonderful things at a library – not only books, but computers and toys and films and events and even other kids, with their noses glued inside books.

...Betty Boop...

So for today’s School Holiday Fun activity, here is your challenge. You must first write down a list of ten items. This is the list:

  1. An animal
  2. A city
  3. A job or career
  4. A natural wonder
  5. A country
  6. A famous person
  7. A cartoon character
  8. A mode of transportation
  9. A festival or holiday
  10. A sport

(add, change or subtract from this list, according to your age)

...Marilyn Monroe...

When you have made this list, you need to get your library card and library bag, then pester mum or dad to take you to the library. If you don’t have a library card at your local library, please get one immediately!


When you get to the library, take out your list and look it over. Your challenge is to find a book on each of the 10 items you have listed. How are you going to find these books? Where will you start looking? What resources does your library have to help find your chosen topics? Use every facility you can find, and if in doubt – ask.


When you have your collection of books – congratulations! That is a major achievement! Go to the counter and borrow your books with your library card. Take them home and open each book and look through it. Read as much or as little as you like, but you must look through the book long enough to get an idea of what this book is about.


Next, take a sheet of paper and list your 10 items down the page. Then write one sentence on each book – but here's the trick - each sentence must be about something you have learned from the book. Something new that you did not know before.

...the Grand Canyon...

When you have your list complete - with 10 fascinating facts you didn't know before, you must take this list to your parent and ask them which ones they didn't know. Give yourself one point for each fact your parent DIDN'T know.


Point scoring:

1-3 Your research skills are not too bad

4-5 Your research skills are great

6-8 Your research skills are fantastic

9-10 Your research skills are unbelievable!

The next school holiday fun idea will send you reeling back to the past… The game is on!

1 comment:

Susan @ ReadingUpsideDown said...

I love this library holiday activity for the kids.

We love our local library and actually had two sets of library cards, one for Newcastle and one for Lake Macquarie.

We might have to visit a library tomorrow afternoon to try this out. Thanks for the idea.

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