I'm Loving... High Tea With Mrs Woo

Saturday, 16 May 2009

If someone could please explain how it's possible to be so clever as to design and execute this AMAZING website. I could then happily see the rest of my life out, contentedly.

Whoever, whatever, however.... wow.

ONLY danger with a site like this is that you may get too busy clicking buttons with your mouth open, and fiddling with it all, to even look at what the site is about.

In case you get easily distracted, like I do - the site is called High Tea with Mrs Woo and it's run by three very very clever design sisters. There is a Malay/Chinese/Aussie background involved, as well as lots and lots of talent...

"...Inspired by travel and cinema, we collect wistful moments and recreate them into resilient, rhetorical designs. Using colour, texture and pattern to spin our stories, new fabrics are made by piecing together antiquated prints in unexpected material combinations. Traditional tailoring techniques are used in developing unique shapes from conventional dress forms. Fascinated with weaving memory into clothing, we explore the ability of fashion to unfold a great yarn..."

Get inspired, have a look at these gorgeous designs, and stop fiddling with the brilliant colouring-in entry page!

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