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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Riley age 4

Don't you just love the preciousness (and sheer cleverness) of children's artwork?

As the piles of paper rubble pile up around me, I am in danger of being buried under the mound of artistic licence my kids have come home with over the years. Trouble is: I find myself unable to throw most of it away. I have kept inordinate amounts - stuff the kids will more than likely just pick up and toss out themselves one day.

Ella age 7

But how can I not keep it all and reminisce over artistic days gone by?

Too too precious.

In honour of kids and their natural propensity for art, I'd like to start a kids art series on my blog. I'll be showcasing some of the genius pieces of my two, but I'd also like to see the work of your kids... whether they be 2 or 22. Send them on in! Email me HERE and your kids can enjoy seeing their own work online... for us all to enjoy.

Riley age 4

Get cracking! And stay tuned for some great ideas on how to store and display children's artwork. Coming soon...

Ella age 4

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