Ten Thoughts on Whole Living

Monday, 8 June 2009

Some of you may or may not know that I am a magazine addict. I have more magazines than could ever be explained in a court of law. Not that reading them is a crime. The amount I spend on them should be outlawed, however.

So, shhhh. Don't tell Husband.

Anyway, I was flicking through a back copy of Body + Soul tonight and I saw this list. And I liked the list. I said to the list "go forth onto my blog and multiply into the brains of women everywhere."

So here 'tis. Many thanks to Body + Soul, March 2008. I hope it rings some holistic bells in you, busy mum and wife and career-person.
  1. Make use of your body's ingenious design. Move, stretch, walk, and run a little every day.

  2. Sometimes picking your battles means letting go of a need to engage in them.

  3. When we get caught up in calorie counting, we miss the point of eating.

  4. Vacation is a state of mind, not a reservation.

  5. Emotional balance lies in observing your responses to everything around you.

  6. Tread lightly. Eat vegetarian more often.

  7. Get radical with your self-care. Trying times call for extreme healing measures.

  8. Going green doesn't require a life makeover. Retool some old habits.

  9. Don't confuse downtime with rest. Give yourself the gift of deep and vital stillness.

  10. Healthy living defies a single definition. There are many, many ways to live well.

I particularly love the last one. For someone who beats herself up constantly for not living a completely stress-free, 100% organic and pure life of total serenity, it made me feel good to know that the little things I do are making a difference.

What do you do to live more holistically?


PlanningQueen said...

I love lists and this is a great one! Thanks for sharing it, I never by magazines, so never would have come across it otherwise.

Emma Davidson said...

Love it! And love your intro too. I had a good chuckle at you talking to the magazine list in your best goddess voice :)

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