I'm Loving... MagnaPlay

Friday, 24 July 2009

Look at these gorgeous creations from MagnaPlay. Ella was so excited to receive her birthday present from Godparents Mary and Craig - ironically, right when I was in the midst of wrapping her family birthday presents!

This adorable set of magnets are thick, plush and absolutely stunning. The booklet shows all manner of beautiful designs little girls (and mums!) can make, including Chinese fish and whimsical flowers and trees.

And all this is tucked up inside a little metal case.


Wait till you see what I found Ella for her birthday. But ssshhhh... you'll have to wait until Monday....

1 comment:

Tiny Concept said...

I hope Ella has a magical birthday - last one before the double digits!!!!I can't wait to see the present stash!

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