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Friday, 29 January 2010

For those of you born pre-1970, you'll be pretty au fait with the term 'encyclopedia'. Remember those things - books with information printed on the inside?

I could be kinda sad about the demise of the encyclopedia because some of my fondest bookish memories were diving headfirst into the kids encyclopedia set we owned in our childhood. I wouldn't come up for hours, and the one with the pink spine was my fave.

Of course, our fast-paced children would scoff at a book that outdates itself before the ink dries, fresh off the printing press - so virtual encyclopedias are certainly now de rigeur.

Kids Net is a simple Australian website that is impressively packed with some really decent information from pilosophy and maths to applied arts and social sciences. It's links are seemingly endless and it would suit many children from middle school to high.



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Posie Patchwork said...

I'm a 1975 gal & remember the orginal, but with WiFi laptops - all that information at their finger tips. I'll email my eldest in her bedroom the link (yes really) so she can spy your finds. NO doubt she'll email back "that's so 2008, your so 2000 & late" & have it as a favourite anyway. Schools back on Tuesday, you're on the wrong side of the boarder baby. Love Posie

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