I'm Loving... Stationary Swap

Friday, 13 August 2010

Over at Paperklip Design (which is worth meandering around for hours), you'll find this wonderful idea for a stationery swap.

I'm onto it.

Who will receive this lovely package in the mail soon? (yes - the REAL mail - the old-fashioned way - I KNOW!). From left to right we have bear notecard and envelope by Sukie --- hand-stamped rice paper from Lulichang Antiques Street, Beijing --- yellow flower tag from Ruby Victoria Letterpress --- apple fabric postcard from Here We Go Loopy Lou --- floral notepaper and envelope from a supermarket in Beijing --- green striped Kikki.K alphabet notepaper and envelope.

Why don't you create a stationery swap? Just send someone a small selection. They then need to send something back to you - and something onto someone else. What a delectable, papery idea.

1 comment:

Posie Patchwork said...

How funny, i'm doing exactly this for the next Handmade Market, yippee!! Love your stationery selection. Especially on a rainy Sunday, love Posie

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