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Friday, 7 January 2011

As an ex-software trainer and desk top publisher, I used to pride myself on being ultra tech savvy. Then kids came along and not only am I now reduced to "who sings this song again, kids?" but - and I'm happy to admit it - "i-WHAT-now?" Like many of us, I've solidly been reduced to knowing what I NEED to know - but gee it's wonderful to stretch ourselves and try the new.

So when we splashed out on iPads for the kids for Christmas, I wasn't really prepared for the wonder. I mean, I use a computer 80% of my life and even write my own html, so I'm not caught in the dark ages or anything, but opening this amazing tablet has nonetheless hauled me into the 21st century with a major techno bump - and lo, I am happy here - especially and most especially when I can download fabulously fun interactive beauty to enjoy with a hot cup of tea and butter-slathered hot cross bun (yes, they're in the supermarkets already, people!).

So, here it is - Martha Stewart Living's very first full magazine app - Boundless Beauty - and it's certainly that, and more. I so relished flicking the pages of this virtual mag, skimming up and down with the flick of a finger, marvelling at the interactive components - video, sound, toggling, exquisite panoramas, before and afters, slideshows... it's just a Harry Potter of magical moving wonder. And no, I haven't just emerged from the 18th century... but I'm still so impressed.

Then there's the content, which is always always Martha Good, and it was so much fun to read the making of Martha, including some pretty stunning photos from her modelling days. Also loved the amazing bubble party idea (gorgeous photos) and the decorating challenge between Kevin Sharkey and MS Living's Rebecca Robertson.

Then there's the flower content, which is as striking as ever - loved these incredible displays using Martha's unparalleled collection of peonies from her garden (she has 22 varieties). Oh, and the peony just happens to be my favourite flower.

Recipes are also wonderful - high glam but totally doable and just love the ability to toggle between what the dish looks like before - and after - in this beautiful phyllo pastry story.

Feeling totally inspired. Ella is off for a 3 day sleepover with her bestie Beth and Husband is off to London tomorrow, so Riley and I will try our hand at these pastries, and he's been pestering me to make Masterchef macrons forever - so it's a baking weekend for us.

What are your weekend plans? Will it be complete with high tech splendour?


Dani said...

Glad you are loving the ipad! I have put the order in for when the new one comes in Feb. (Need the camera for skype!) We are spending the weekend recovering from birthdays/Christmas/New Years and Visitors. Bit of swimming, bit of shopping and hopefully lots of sleeping. oh, and also a bit of reading thanks to the book fairy! XXX

Being Me said...

I agree with you! I had not factored just how much I would love ours. Being Mac users already, and being quite happy with the lappy and the iMac, I wasn't really expecting to be blown away. But somehow, that little tablet makes me so happy!

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