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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How I wish I could crochet. If you can, you need to head to etsy shop MevvSan (above) now.

Just loving these egg cosies by NorahSmith. Can you believe how snugly they encapsulate the entire egg?

Norah has also created these super simple snow beanies with pompoms on top. Love.

This gorgeous Easter chick cosy if just the thing to use up some soft chenille yarn - and delight the children on Easter Sunday. From GraysonStreet.

Natalya1905 has gone for adorable ribbed beanies in lollipop colours.

And if you're keen to be keeping your own egghead cosy, these Easter beanies from LittleBirdLucy are available from newborn to adult. I want one for every family member!

Too cute to believe baby hat, also from LittleBirdLucy.

Tintabernacle has created this amazing cracked egg - fully knitted and just scrumptiously adorable.

And here are some sweet little bunny-shaped cosies from SadBlueDog.

DollyDressUp has gone the charming Easter hen route.

Absolutely loving this divine chicken cosy from colouritgreen.

And you could seriously knit your own Easter flock at yarnmiracle.

Have you found anything especially Eastery on etsy?

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