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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'm loving all the incredible hard work Penny Price is putting in to Alphabet Street. When my kids were really little (and even now they're not so little), I would have gnawed through apron strings to access a website like this.

Originally pegging Newcastle and surrounds, Penny is now opening an Alphabet Street for almost every major Australian city, packing pages with all manner of priceless info...

Sydney (coming soon)
Brisbane (coming soon)
Perth (coming soon)
Adelaide (coming soon)

There's events, activities, school holiday info, things to see and do, family friendly ideas and info for mums. Brilliant. And you can also follow updated info daily on Facebook... Join in the fun!

Alphabet Street Sydney Facebook Page
Alphabet Street Melbourne Facebook Page
Alphabet Street Brisbane Facebook Page
Alphabet Street Perth Facebook Page
Alphabet Street Adelaide Facebook Page

1 comment:

Bubby Makes Three said...

god, we need one of those on the Central Coast... BADLY!! Just stumbled on your blog as you do... hello!!

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