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Monday, 30 May 2011

Two weeks ago, you may recall I started this two-week Ski yoghurt (packed with goodies called Bifidus ProDigestis) challenge. Every morning for the past 14 days, I have downed a tub of this gut-busting yoghurt in an attempt to get rid of the heavy, bloated, sluggish feeling I'm often plagued with.

So, the time is now up and I must admit, I do feel a little less like a large house brick has moved into my lower intestine. I'm not sure whether this has much to do with the yoghurt or the fact that I also stopped eating so many left-over Easter eggs. I also drank more water, prompting me to believe that part of the success of products like this is the way they encourage consumers to combine other health-giving effects with the product in question (a good thing).

I have no doubt bifidus proDigestis is good for our bodies and I'm sure continuing to eat this special Ski yoghurt would be beneficial to my inner workings, but I must admit, I missed my natural Greek yoghurt terribly this past fortnight. The tang, the zing, the natural wonder.

If someone put out a yoghurt with all these health-giving benefits and then didn't ply them with sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, I'd be queueing around the block for it - but as it stands, I have to be honest and say, like most mainstream yoghurts, this Ski yoghurt was just too 'manufactured' and sweet for me, despite its pro-bacterial benefits.

The flavours were also pretty pedestrian . . . does everyone really prefer strawberry, vanilla and mango/peach? Really? Or is it just because it's the bulk of what's put on the supermarket shelves and we have no choice? At least with my natural Greek yoghurt, I can add whatever flavour I like each morning - fresh banana and cinnamon, stewed apple and nutmeg, a tumble of fresh raspberries, slivers of sweet pear, dried cranberries and toasted sunflower seeds... yum.

How do you prefer your yoghurt?


Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

I usually buy yoghurt from the fruit shop and am pretty fussy. I like plain with fresh fruit, or muesli (or that evil crumble topping that makes it oh so unhealthy).

I didn't mind the strawberry and vanilla - I probably wouldn't buy the mango one again though - cos I don't really like mango.


Anonymous said...

You still have Easter eggs!!

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