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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Just when you thought I was done with the wreath marathon, I'm back again with this fragrant creation that I'm so excited about. I'm actually planning something for it for Christmas Day, so this isn't the final version, but the base version is so lovely, I think it would make a beautiful wreath as-is.

I'll share it with you now, but stay tuned to what I do to it on Christmas Day!

You'll need a smaller than average hula hoop (child size - but if you want huge, go for the adult size!), a hot glue gun, a bowl of iced water for glue burns, strong dark thread, snippets of pine (or other) greenery, a collection of thin twigs, about a metre of wide ribbon and a glass of champagne.

Lay down newspaper and begin hot-gluing the greenery to the hula hoop, layering as you go. It takes time to build up the layers, remembering you'll need to glue pieces on the inside, outer and flip sides of the hoop. Break off smaller pieces, if need be.

You could also use native eucalypt (gorgeously fragrant) or any other type of long-lasting greenery, even floral greenery. Or why not blend types?

Sip your glass of champagne as you go.

Once you've added enough greenery to hide the hula hoop, begin winding twigs through the pine. Choose thin, pliable twigs with some curve to them, and try to look for interesting twigs, with nobbles and springs, even gumnuts on them.

Twist them into each other carefully - this takes some patience.

Once you get a good top layering of twigs, take your strong dark thread and begin winding it around the hoop, securing twigs more securely, but ensuring you don't flatten the greenery. Weave and wind all the way around until things are secure.

Flip the hoop and add twigs to the underside, allowing pieces to stick out the sides. Secure with thread as before.

You can continue to build and weave your twigs for as long as you like, thickening the width of your wreath. When you're happy with the look, add more pieces of greenery, weaving through the twigs and securing with glue, if need be.

If desired, add a teensy bit of tinselly sparkle, woven through the greenery.

Loop with wide ribbon and hang in a window or on an outdoor or indoor wall. Depending on the type of greenery you use, this should last at least a month. Spritz with water occasionally.

Here is the 'part' finished wreath in my study window . . . make sure you check back after Christmas Day to see what I have planned for it next!

book page wreath
looped white card wreath
tissue paper wreath
fringed paper wreath
gingerbread men wreath

1 comment:

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love this furry fern version, i bet it smells delicious too. I can see a big bell hanging in the middle, although with that size & positioned on a window, it's like a porthole, oh so fabulous.
I just made your red & white polka dot card wreath, looks a treat!! Thank you for the inspiration. Love Posie

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