school holiday fun: printables

Friday, 6 January 2012

Truly, what did we do before the internet? (that's a rhetorical question; I know we did lots) - but wowzers, there's some cool stuff out there - says I who is acting as though I've never set eyes on cyberspace in my life.

My kids, aged almost-9 and 11, are pretty self-sufficient on the old stuck-at-home front - but sometimes it's nice for mum to give them a little creative nudge.

I'm going bananas over these printables, thanks to Canon. Easy to download and print, the kids can cut them out and navigate the engineering instructions for putting them all together. Yes, there's cute and fuzzy critters but there's also entire cityscapes, even a trip to outer space.

Who could resist a prairie dog??

And I know my lego-obsessed son will adore these space-inspired pieces. On that note, I'm prepping a lego party for Riley this February - should be fun!

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