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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

You know you've been in the company of really good people when you come away feeling refreshed and revitalised and uplifted. Having a lengthy coffee with gorgeous friend Jennie McClelland in town this morning, and the beautiful Rachelle of Prim & Pretty, was not only full of laughter and charm, it was the perfect excuse to do some serious offloading - sometimes to eye-opening proportions.

It's just so nice to be around people who share your passion for the Good in life (as opposed to the forces of evil) and to feel inspired and thoroughly warmed through by the talent and dedication and life affirmations of people like Jennie and Rachelle.

I feel good today.

I also feel extra good because Jennie, in her infinite generosity, really kindly thought of my two kids this morning by handing me a little present for them, to soothe their frayed souls after losing our second rabbit, Mango, week before last. She's just thoughtful to the very last, and you'll be able to take a peek at Jennie's present for Ella and Riley at the end of this post, which they can use when we travel to Europe in December.

But wait - there's more. Rachelle, who designs immaculate accessories for her stunning brand Prim & Pretty, gave both Jennie and I one her latest creations - fabric necklaces, which can be twisted and worn in all manner of incarnations, as you can see by the piccies below. Isn't it stunning? You really must check out her divine goodies - her brooches are to die for and I'm so in line for one of my very own of her new knitted versions . . . She's right here on etsy.

On that note, Jennie is also having a Posie fire sale soon. This creative talent has both crafting and housey/toy stock to make your eyes pop, so keep an eye on her site for more -

And here is Jennie's present for my kids - it takes photos with backgrounds of La Tour Eiffel, etc, already imprinted on the background - how cool is that?! They'll have so much fun with this.

Thank you, Jennie and thank you Rachelle - not only for the lovely gifts but, well . . . for being you.



DimbutNice said...

Goodness does so exude goodness. How precious to have treasures like these as your friends. A beautiful post Tania.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i skipped away from morning tea too, light heart & big smile on my face, gorgeous friends, scrummy food & boy did we talk a mile a minute. When i saw the camera i just knew it was the perfect Bon Voyage gift for your children, what a clever invention. We MUST get together again soon, i'm free, love Posie

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