It's Party Time! Or not...

Monday, 9 March 2009

What is it about the RSVP thing, or lack thereof?

Riley turned six in February, right in the middle of a shipyard of packing boxes. We dug an ice cream cake out of the freezer (it had pink on it, you can tell I was harried) and blew out candles, then I famously promised he could have a party. Later.

It’s now Later.

At first it was going to be the 1st of March. Then the 8th. Now it’s slipped to the 15th and I have to go ahead with it because I’ve already sent the invitations. Yes, that’s right. I’ve committed and there’s no going back now.

Unless no one comes.

And I’m thinking that perhaps no one will come because I sent out 25 invitations and I’ve only had two RSVPs (and one of those RSVPs was to say he couldn’t make it). So, so far I have one small girl called Emma coming to Riley’s party and I have 25 goodie bags and a piñata ready to go. And it’s a Sports Party, specifically aimed at boys.

Hmm. Maybe Riley will end up smashing the piñata over a cup of faux tea in pink plastic teacups with his friend Emma.

I don’t get the RSVP thing. For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, and trust me, there appears to be many out there – it means répondez s'il vous plait. That’s French for “get off your lazy behind and make a phonecall to a harried parent who is grappling nervously with slippery goodie bags and sausage roll numbers, not to mention the agonizing pain of not knowing whether or not you have enough plastic cups”.

For goodness sake, people! RSVP means LET MUM KNOW YOUR KID IS COMING TO THE PARTY! Post-haste!

Sheesh. I’m soooo irritated about this. The party is 6 days away and I’m ready to preheat the oven for the sausage rolls, for goodness sake, yet have no idea who’s coming along. And because we’re new to the area, I have no phone numbers or email addresses so I can start harassing wayward RSVPers.

I’m worried. I mean, if you hadn’t heard from anyone with 6 days to go, wouldn’t you presume the answer was no?

Poor Riley.

Looks like it’s pink tea cups this Sunday. Unless you want to come along. Just don’t forget to RSVP.

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