queensland day two: flowers, vegan and Black Cat Books and Cafe

Friday, 30 March 2012

Day two on my Queensland adventure - what a priceless way to start the day with my dear friend Mary and yet more delectable food - and flowers flowers everywhere, all from Mary's exquisite (enormous!) garden. Kitty cat Pearl Jam was also on hand to lend yet another element to my surreal and utterly relaxing stay.

But. No rest for the driven. After a morning poring over travel photos and great coffee, we headed into Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands for the most divine meal at Kind Living Café - a vegan/raw food café on the main street that blew my socks off. Mary had the Thai pumpkin soup and I had the most incredible full-vegan nori rolls, with not a grain of rice in sight. Truly one of the most amazing things I've ever put in my mouth.

Of course, we had to follow it with key lime pie and coffee!

After this luscious meal, I headed straight for Brisbane to Black Cat Books and Café in Paddington. Wow, what a gorgeous store - the most incredible atmosphere, sensational books, and the warmest welcome ever from Carridee and Stephanie, who hosted my Australian Story event, and just had the loveliest things to say - thank you, Stephanie.

It was also very special to have my sister Lisa there, my dear friend Tina Snerling and her family, and a barrage of new authors friends - some of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, and some I've only just met after a much too-long-time-coming.

I have to say - we had a ball. I'm sure the other Black Cat customers wondered who on earth we were and why we were so happy! but it was just so much fun to share Australian Story, to talk about my passion for history and books, and laugh my head off with these amazing, supportive people.

Thanks to Lisa for taking these fantastic photos, and to authors Sheryl Gwyther, Michael Gerard Bauer and Dimity Powell for allowing me to use some of their photos, too.

Enjoy this peek at a wonderful event!

Stephanie from Black Cat Books introduces me

Captain Michal, sailing into Australia in 1770

L - R: friend Tina Snerling, Sheryl Gwyther and Michael Gerard Bauer

Tina's daughter dons THE Julia Gillard wig

the lovely Sheryl Gwyther

Michael Gerard Bauer flies the flag, author/illustrator Lai Peng Chan is in chains

lining for signing

my biggest support, Sheryl, and gorgeous author Angela Sunde

L - R: Moi, Sheryl Gwyther, Angela Sunde, Dimity Powell and Michael Gerard Bauer

Cost me $40 to get these books held up! Lai Peng and Michal join the line up

this line-up cost me $30 - $10 each book; not a bad price, I suppose

with the gorgeous Dimity

an Michal (who proposed on that knee)

and Dim and I hamming it up

and the super dooper lovely Michael

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