No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY SEVEN

Friday, 26 February 2010

One week down!

Had a terrible night’s sleep. Now, this may not seem unusual to some, but I never have a bad night’s sleep, so it’s unusual for me. Hoping it’s all those vitamins and minerals going crazy and making me healthy. Or maybe it was due to thoughts over my upcoming dentist appointment…

Honestly feel so much tighter in my muscles; it’s bizarre, as it’s only been 7 days of a little more exercise and better eating. The shape and tone of my muscles has really improved rapidly. Amazing.

Probably the greatest physical benefit I’m enjoying is the improvement in my skin. It makes sense – skin being the largest organ in the body – that improvements would be seen here first. Everything we do, feel, eat, think is reflected in our skin. The improvements already are more elasticity, less dryness and much greater clarity and refinement. The uneven pigmentation has really smoothed out, and this is all over me, not just my face.

The coating on my tongue is gone. Will check with naturopath.

I’m loving the feeling I get when I exercise, rather than bemoaning it. It’s true – the more you do, the more you want to do and the better it feels. That endorphin rush kicks in and you find yourself pushing things more. Also, of course, the more muscle you build, the more fat your body burns at rest. I like that.

My weight has stayed exactly the same the past few days. To the gram. Sure, I’d like to see it drop, but the real test is in the fit of my clothing, and things are definitely looser.

My stomach is not only flatter, the muscles are tighter and I’m just feeling a little sexier overall.

The fitter I get, the happier I get, and the more I want to take care of myself. I’ve booked in for my first salon colour in around 6 years.

My mood has plateaued and I’m feeling good overall, though nowhere near as blissful as those first two days. I could have really done with some real chocolate last night, and a glass of wine wouldn’t go astray. This is not at all agonising for me, but I was really sorely tempted last night. I didn’t fold and that made me feel great.

EXERCISE TIP: If you want long, streamlined muscles instead of fatter, bulkier ones, incorporate loads of stretching into your exercise routine. Stretching literally lengthens the muscle and makes it appear less bulky. Yoga and pilates are brilliant for this, too.

FOOD TIP: If you are joining me on this regime and struggling with the food thing, be easy on yourself. I ate a whole stick of no-sugar anitox dark chocolate yesterday (over the course of 4 hours) and this was a calorie hit I probably didn’t need, but I’d rather improve my health slowly than not at all. Slow and steady wins the race… and is more likely to make it a long-term lifestyle choice rather than a temporary ‘diet’.

Week two begins!

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Thea said...

I've lost almost 2kgs!!!
I've been sleeping well. Have been having a chamomile tea instead of wine, I think that's been helping.
One week to go, you're doing great!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Good GOD woman, you are an Amazon already, so can you meet me every day & coach me!! Love your discipline, you go girl!! See you on Sunday, love Posie

Megan said...

Great to hear you're feeling so good for it Tania!

It's funny, I have found myself following along without even realising. As I've been reading your updates, and so it's in the back of my mind, I find myself saying no to that glass of wine with dinner. And I didn't even buy any chocolate at the supermarket yesterday! I'm already on a gluten free diet, so the wheat thing is taken care of.

So it would seem I'm along for the ride - informally anyway! And I'm feeling really good without all the sugar I'd been consuming.

Thanks for the inspiration lovely!

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