No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY FIVE

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Have been feeling a little discouraged by negative or tetchy comments about this regime. Oftentimes they're just small things, but they're sharply pointed. Thrilled, though, that the majority comments are supportive - which is why I'm doing this, really. Support. Supporting and encouraging others to feel good again.

So, Day Five... Woke feeling really tired but that lovely sleepy tired, not that exhausted deathly tired. Ella woke me right in the middle of deep REM sleep (I was having a dream I took off a massive winter coat – how metaphorically apt) so that may explain my grogginess.

I’ve woken with a sour white coating on the back of my tongue. Am presuming this is my body in detox. Shall explore with naturopath on Friday. I know the tongue is a clear indicator of what else is going on in the body…

Feeling of seediness much much less today. Only ate one nectarine last night instead of ‘dessert’.

Have broken out a little on my face, which is unusual. Again, detoxying a little?

Feel extra clear mentally today. Things don’t feel like they’re getting on top of me and small things aren’t such a big deal.

Taking extra time out for me. For the first time in far too long, I’m not beating myself up about this.

In the morning, when I slip on my wedding and engagement rings, I don’t have to lick my finger to get them on.

I could do up my jeans today, without strain and no subsequent muffining in waistal area.

Cinnamon lowers your blood sugar levels, so I’ve been adding a sprinkle to my breakfast cereal.

So exciting – while grocery shopping, I spied super-dark, antioxidant-saturated chocolate with a├žais berries and goji berries. And sugar-free! You betcha I’ll be indulging in a few squares at 8pm… I’m already drooling.

I’m getting creative with meals – I made chicken and vege kebabs served on Moroccan couscous. Because couscous is made from wheat, it was out for me. I instead served my kebabs on a bed of baby spinach leaves.

While making dinner, I really craved a glass of white wine, for the first time on this regime. Sigh. I drank a glass of sparkling mineral water, instead, with a dash of fresh lemon juice. I could have also dived into a bowl of vanilla ice cream but that’s only because my daughter waved it under my nose and the smell got to me. As soon as it disappeared into her belly, I got over the craving.

My three squares of antiox chocolate with Goji berries (at 8pm) was divine and once I’d slowly nibbled them, I resisted more and had a plum instead.

Am back to my ‘one kilo lost’.

I know this is bizarre… but I’m feeling more confident. I bought myself a nice tank top today. Wow.

FOOD TIPS: I’ve created a green flavour stash in my fridge. I keep a bag of baby spinach leaves, rocket, watercress, spring onions, and a bunch of both fresh basil and coriander – all washed and dried and ready to go. When it’s dinner time, I haul out the stash and get busy with scissors, snipping snippets of green into my bowl – and add whatever else we’re eating that night. Last night the fam had chipolatas on the BBQ and I had Thai vege patties over my green health stash.

Drizzling salads with a splash of balsamic vinegar and a swirl of extra virgin olive oil means you’re getting a good oil hit – great for the skin and good cholesterol. Also, don’t forget avocadoes for good oil. Only eat half at a time. Google a low fat hummus recipe – it’s fab on everything, is high in nutrition and very filling.

EXERCISE TIPS: It’s tough fitting in exercise, but of course, it’s vital – for so many reasons. If you don’t manage to get at least 30-45 minutes of good exercise in a day, don’t panic. Just do 5 or 10 minutes here or there – squatting, jumping, leg lifts – whatever you can manage. It all adds up.

Heading fast towards one week down… Day 6 tomorrow! How are you going?

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Jane said...

I'm not going but I'm increasingly inspired, Tania. Sounds like a sustainable change to lifestyle that you're pursuing. Cheers, Jane.

Thea said...

I'm up to day 3 and I don't feel tired!! I carried my 2 year old this morning without that dreaded feeling of 'I'm too old & tired for this'. So far so good!! :)

Glad it's going well for you, too.

Tania McCartney said...

GO THEA!! So proud of you, girl!

Come on, Jane........

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