No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY THIRTEEN

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Was it unlucky number thirteen that did it? Today I didn’t have to worry about my diet in the least, because I spent most of the day throwing it up, not shovelling it down. Sorry to be graphic, but it’s the truth.

You may recall I went to dinner with some lovely friends last night, and how good I was? No wheat, dairy, sugar or alcohol? Well, apparently the salmon and prawn skewers were NOT good and I’ve paid for it with a sleepless night, driving the ‘porcelain bus’.

Today wasn’t much better. When Husband came home early at 5pm, I managed a lemonade icypole. You know my sentiments on how a cup of milky tea heals all? Not if you have food poisoning and want to bring it all up again. So alas, my milky tea staple was replaced with an icypole… yes, I know, I know – sugar.

I’m annoyed, yes, but what can I do?

Of course, I also failed to exercise, preferring instead to laze about sleeping until 11am and then on the couch fighting waves of crippling nausea for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Lordy Lord – being sick is just the ultimate time waster.

So, alas, I have not much to report (except a flat but very sensitive belly). It’s an early night for me and tomorrow – LAST DAY – is weigh-in day. Make sure you check back for my results and for my thoughts – pros and cons – on this two-week no sugar, alcohol, dairy or wheat regime.

Was it worth it? Stay tuned.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what happened!?

i decided to try this after reading your posts, feeling so much better after only 3 days. thanks for telling us about your experiences, im sure they have inspired many people to follow in your footsteps

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