No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY FOUR

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Day Three of my Feel Good Regime and eating has been a breeze. In fact, SO much easier than I thought it would. The thought of eating some chocolate turns my stomach, and trust me, this sends me into more shock than you.

Just a little reminder if you’ve decided to jump on the Feel Good bandwagon… just because you have to cut sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol for two weeks doesn’t mean you can gorge yourself on corn chips and guacamole, 6kg of sultana grapes or great hulking bowls of laksa with rice noodles.

Keeping yourself full enough to stave hunger is vital but be sure to make good choices. Rye crispbread topped with avocado, ham, slices of red bell pepper and slivers of red onion might inspire you get creative for lunch. Absolutely delish.

So, here is a rundown of Day Four for this body:

Didn’t sleep as well last night – slept a little lightly and woke several times.

Still woke feeling a teensy bit seedy and once again wondering if it was the fruity rice pudding I ate after dinner. It was only a teensy amount and was very healthy but it still contained sugar, nonetheless. Tonight I shall forgo any sweet ‘dessert’ and see how this changes things.

I am stunned at the huge improvement in my skin from the lack of sugar (and alcohol). The uneven pigmentation I suffer (from decades of surfing and sun exposure) has smoothed out incredibly already. In fact, I was quite stunned this morning when looking in the mirror, sans makeup. My skin looks more moist and I actually look younger.

Have gained 600g but trying not to be discouraged, as this would be due to muscle production after my increased exercise levels.

Can definitely feel a reduction in fat on my lower belly and love handles.

Not feeling as ecstatic and uplifted as I did on Day One and found myself snapping a little but this could be due to the bad night’s sleep. Still maintaining an improved mood overall.

Til the morrow!

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Jane said...

Hi Tania

If it weren't such a busy time at work, I'd be (almost) inspired to join you ... perhaps next week. In the meantime, on sleeping lightly, I've been comparing notes with people at work about how we've all been sleeping lightly this week ... I have a theory that it's something to do with the barometric pressure, but have no in depth knowledge of weather forecasting to back this up ... just found it interesting that others were also finding themselves tossing and turning.

By the way, also appreciated your blog on email etiquette and have shared with my section at work which includes two new starters ... very useful tips.



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